About us

We have been in the Italian web market since 2005, in particular on Ebay.it and Delcampe, with our store "NUMMUSPHILA", with years of proven experience in printed, philateic and numismatics collectionism.

In 2013, we have opened our store "NUMMUSPHILAFRANCE" also on Ebay.fr.

Currently we can offer our customers a stock of more than 18,000 articles, of mostly philatelic nature: from valuable stamps to topics collections, from first-day covers to economic but always actactive lots, so every collector will find somenthing of interest.

We want to expand into the numismatic sector, where you can already find a vast choice of antique banknotes.

In addiction, we will establish a dedicates space for antique and/or peculiar objects for enhusiasts of all ages.

Our website offers safe payments and every client will benefit from our "satisfied or reinbursed" policy.

We are happy to answer any queries you might have at info@nummusphila.fr.

We have tried our best with this website, however some bugs may occur throughout the first weeks: we would very much appreciate if you could flag them to us, thank you!