Vatican City  

The Vatican city, seat of the Roman Catholic Church is located in Rome, Italy. It is also the place of residence of the pope (currently Pope Francois) who holds all the powers. Discover our collection of rare, recent and old stamps on the Vatican city. We offer a wide choice of stamps from any era, from the precious old stamp to the more classic stamp on the Vatican. Enjoy a fast delivery of all our stamps! Do not forget to check our selection of stamps from Italy (Republic of Italy and Papal States) that could interest you.

The Vatican, also known as the Vatican City State, is the smallest state in the world with a population of about 1000 inhabitants (mostly clergy) for an area of ​​44 hectares. It is a state that produces its postal stamps itself, just like its currency. The Vatican city is surrounded by walls and its official language is Italian. It is of course a famous place of pilgrimage with notably the basilica "Saint John of Lateran", official cathedral of the Pope.

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